jueves, 27 de agosto de 2009


well, i must start saying that i was a very lucky girl because when the transantiago system began ( exploded!) i dont had to use it very often back then. ( now i'm kind of obligued to). I was more related with the subway( and my bike from time to time), 'cause i also live very near of one. ( but, now that i think more carefully about it, it also affects me a lot !! because the transantiago mess, as all you know, also did a break out on my beloved subway)/ i always had hated the crowded and uncomfortable areas, so this was a little bit sad . All people reduced to objects, tied up to long and exhaustive hours of wait ( that could alienate anyone!).
All the day it was the matter topic of the tv news and a prior subject of conversation. Angry people on the street because they were late. I also remember that people were actually mad at Ivan Zamorano ( that was sort of funny, but i understand it) because he was the visible face of the company, and people always need someone to blame. There were even some slogans that were born on the natural desperation enviroment that you could felt outside - zamorano, transantiago, mataste al . . .( i forget) y al ser humano! - zamorano, transantiago, you killed the . . and the human being ( it doesn't sounds very well translated to english : S ).
Nowadays the troubles with the system seems to be soften by the pass of time. I dont have a clue of what it could be done in order to make the transport a - better place - / and if i start to think about that, i just will make a fatalist point of view like - - all is so rotten, all the structure, the bases ! ahh, tragic.
so goodbye everyone!:D