lunes, 27 de abril de 2009


First of all i don't know exactly why i'm studying this career ( Theory and History of art). I think at first i liked the name, the title of it, so this is kind of hard to do. I enjoy reading and looking at different art expresions, unfold them colors, forms, subterranean ideas and thoughts.
A professional in this area maybe is supposes to know perfectly the abecedary, also needs to have a hole in the middle of the crane, where ideas can flow freely .
My favorite subjects are because of the teachers, I like all sergio rojas classes! (i'm such a - calcetinera - of him ). This year ( my second one) i have a few favourites ones, as Cine with Miguel Ángel Vidaurre and sociology of art with an argentinian teacher, Federico Galende ( i love his poetical way of translate ideas). If i finish the career, i would love to travel and maybe work on " curatorias" and researching.
This is an career that require people that can find original ways to achieve works to do, because of the reduced laboral field, but i think it's worth it :)

Pd: the pic is a little nonesense,a selfportrait of my platonic and egomaniac painter love, Gustave Courbet.

domingo, 26 de abril de 2009


This past summer (on feb) i stayed for about a week in this awful and lovely place called Laguna (next to maintencillo, but we can’t afford that, poor people!)

I went with some friends. Well, they loveee to do long distance walks, so I have the chance to meet whole new places. I had to climb rocks and play grandma’s games on the sand.

I stayed in a little wooden house, as “Little House on the Prairie”, but without hot water, furniture or beds. Those days I liked riding a bicycle near the beach, in the morning.

It was a big deal, because I was so lazy that week! It was also beautiful and tranquil to stare at the night’ sky as a little child, with my body on the ground.

i want to come back ! ^^

domingo, 19 de abril de 2009


Im Marlies ( AKA Marlis) & . .

i want to go to Dublin and pay my drinks doing some boxing .
and i also want to go to East Europe and live in a farm, among pigs, cows and ducks. In the afternoons i will cultivate potatos and drink coffe 'till i die, dreaming about polka dancing .

Also i'm a 20 years old ( too old) . .
i'm in the second year at college. / so in this way i can be clever and publish a bestseller book about selfhelp.

village greetings cards for everyone ;D