jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2009

art technology and education

My discipline is art history, so it can be related to technology in various ways. The first point its connected with the transformations that the digital supports brings to the creation of art. This is a big subject but in a general suposition this plataform create a special enviroment for the diffusion of the plastic artists, because they can reach a large amount of public. Also the technology touch the ways of think and create arts itself , because join new elements or materials into the whole spectrum of creation mechanism. The problem emerge from the question of how the art history can embrace the explotion that this fresh technology has brings into the art field. This question is still developing along the digital world .
In other hand, art in social matters is a more old topic, because art has always been involved ( in one way or another) with the human being and his surrounding or social enviroments. That social statement in arts holds a link with education.
Education in our country is a big deal with multiple edges ( is related with things like the social dispair, the lack of chances, the poor treat to the teachers, etc) . But in case of art teaching in schools, there's is a big emptyness( i think even in high pay schools). In some sense because art has been historically despised or rejected because it dont enter in the game of production and money. That makes this subject less relevant for the system education. This obviously should start to change in order to create in kids (since they are little) a sensitivy for plastic forms. This is in the same label as maths or language i think, because it can improve a lot of capacities that the actual system is crushing for follow an structure that as i said before, is married with the money production formula.
This change must take some inicial steps, that as usual are the harder ( i don't know exactly how this can begin). But with little changes as more hours, more prepared teachers in the area ( this is very important because people need teachers who leads them to improve themselves and create a right feeling that would make them want to always learn more)

jueves, 8 de octubre de 2009

my faculty

I'm an student of the Art Faculty of chile university. This faculty at a simple view have a lot of issues in therms of infrastructure. I find that almost looks like a rural school or something. We can make a comparison between our campus fellows right next to us, like cine, social scienes , literature, etc . In that place they had a living center of constant cultural activities and the infrastructure gives a very warm welcome to them. In other hand, here in art there's seem to be a lack of these kind of activities. This is in conecction with the poor enviroment. The library is a shame, but it's sweet because it reminds of my primary school. Long time ago, as is well known by people, the faculty of art was an outstanding place because there was the center of art production and creation of new approchement to the art thoughts. Nowadays, along with the change of the physical place there's been a drop of these prominent side
It's hard to improve this because it a situation that has to deal money, and if there's something missing in here is cash!. Although i find it nice, there's these " little wood" that is all mess up, following the general appearence of the place. Its a good site to just lie, read and chat. In arts we are like in a quiet bubble at first sight. The bureaucratic system works very slowly too( as the computers), you must be patience. But at the end of the day is all worth because of some really good teachers that achieve to make more enthusiasm students.

jueves, 24 de septiembre de 2009


Foreing people could visit a lot of differents places in Santiago . An interesting place to go when you are for the first time in Santiago is the area around the bellas artes museum, because it have nice parks and places to hang out. There are lovely coffe shops and restaurants. A few days ago i went with a friend to an ice cream store called Emporio la Rosa, in a quiet and soft enviroment. Besides that, there are the typical historical places or buildings that a foreign person could be interested to know( as La Moneda ). I notice that people always suggets that El cerro Santa Lucía is something that a foreign should visit. It's a nice place but i would like that the government and the citizenship could appreciate more those sites because of them huge historical and cultural value. Some places are just falling apart because of the abandon an lack of compromise to restore, to preserve and protect them. Another area that i like very much, but some people could find it extremely annoying is to visit El Cementerio General. The mainly reason of this is because of the strongly historical component. There's also a lot of meanings and lectures behind a place like that and it makes it beautiful.
The other very typical site to go with a foreing is some "guachaca" bar like "La piojera", were the guy or girl always can leave the place with a wide smile thanks to the magic potions gave there, even if he-she dont like the past city tour and felt out of place :S

jueves, 27 de agosto de 2009


well, i must start saying that i was a very lucky girl because when the transantiago system began ( exploded!) i dont had to use it very often back then. ( now i'm kind of obligued to). I was more related with the subway( and my bike from time to time), 'cause i also live very near of one. ( but, now that i think more carefully about it, it also affects me a lot !! because the transantiago mess, as all you know, also did a break out on my beloved subway)/ i always had hated the crowded and uncomfortable areas, so this was a little bit sad . All people reduced to objects, tied up to long and exhaustive hours of wait ( that could alienate anyone!).
All the day it was the matter topic of the tv news and a prior subject of conversation. Angry people on the street because they were late. I also remember that people were actually mad at Ivan Zamorano ( that was sort of funny, but i understand it) because he was the visible face of the company, and people always need someone to blame. There were even some slogans that were born on the natural desperation enviroment that you could felt outside - zamorano, transantiago, mataste al . . .( i forget) y al ser humano! - zamorano, transantiago, you killed the . . and the human being ( it doesn't sounds very well translated to english : S ).
Nowadays the troubles with the system seems to be soften by the pass of time. I dont have a clue of what it could be done in order to make the transport a - better place - / and if i start to think about that, i just will make a fatalist point of view like - - all is so rotten, all the structure, the bases ! ahh, tragic.
so goodbye everyone!:D

lunes, 22 de junio de 2009

This is my last post on the blog! And what’s all about? It’s about the most passionate, wonderful, exciting, overflowing, happy, sublime, attractive, cosmic, metaphysician surreal and powerful subject in all over the world . . . It’s about blogging itself!
Since a discovered this mechanism of writing my life had changed for good!
My mind is clear. Both spirit and body are in perfect synchrony with nature an universe.
I don’t feel like an outsider anymore. I’ts been such a turn of the switch. I surprise myself dreaming of the blogging experience.
Oh, now I’m listening velvet underground - pale blue eyes. Aww! , this song reminds me of someone who’s far away – it goes like this. . Sometimes I feel so happy
sometimes I feel so sad
sometimes I feel so happy
but mostly you just make me mad
Baby you just make me mad
Linger on, your pale blue eyeeees

And somehow it reminds me of the whole blogging process too / because, although it has been beautiful (who can dares to deny that?!), there’s had been difficult parts. . A paradoxical love/hate thing (it’s very common, isn’t?).
I’ve learned too much from this. Even the fact that i know that achieve the correct way of writing on english was the main goal I (how it says in other great and lovely velvet underground song) - - > Hey Im beginning to see the light.
I met myself in a dream
and I just wanna tell you - everything was alright
Im beginning to see the light. !

I like to read the things that my other classmates write, but I must say that I especially enjoy reading to Jaime’s blog (or Unjaime, because he’s such a unique person!). He always will have to touch of GOD in terms of speaking and obviously writing. He’s also an amazing illustrator (it’s possible that some people might be surprised by this/ they could not be informed yet of this activity of him – you can see that he’s so humble!)
So because of this and the other stuff that I had mentioned - ->
Im very grateful of the omnipresent BLOG.

Thank you :DD

lunes, 15 de junio de 2009


this is a hard question because i ussually dont like to over think my future, it's a little bit scary, isnt ?. I'm not like these people who are addicted to draw up plans for the near or distant future or these kind of ladies obssesed with tarot reading ( i saw one case in national television a few time ago and it calls my attention. She meet a tarotist everyweek to predict her future and to make her sure about what she tolds her, she went to other tarot reader to confirm or to prove what the other one said. If the last lecture match with the first, she could feel very relaxed and sure about her life // Although that state would survive until next week!).
In my case, i would love to live my life with the - carpe diem - philosophy, even if it's kind of impossible, because in the daily living we are all the time approaching or wondering how it will come out the next minute. Its part of human nature maybe.
In the next five years, i can talk about how i would like to be in my near future ( five years past so quickly!!).
Well, i would like to had finished this career, had a decent work, being finally least selfish,etc.
I think an important thing to do in order to be happy or satisfied with yourself // and dont being messing around !// is to achieve some childhood dream, i thought about that in the past days. I think it can be kind of miraculous in your life.
So, i would really love to do something related with that in the next five years.( or it's a bad idea . . dreams or desires maybe were created to never be accomplish. To remain in state of ilussion)
what do you think readers?

viernes, 12 de junio de 2009

i found the talk very interesting and encouraging because i share some of the points that Sir Ken Robison tells to the audience. He seems like a creativity expert that unfould the way we educate in our schools.
the formal education is focused on topics( for example, we shoul treat with the same status the classes of math and the classes of art) that make a distance between us and our potential creativity, because we are too afraid of made a mistake, but . . .the worst mistake anyone can make is being to afraid to make one! ( that goes for me huh)
So he propuses a new way of learning in the school system, in order to find a more effective estructure to cultivate creativity thoughts instead of pull them off.
Ken robinson says that we don’t grow into creativity, we grow out of it, or rather we get educated out of it.
The intelligence is very diverse and dynamic, 'cause we think about the world in all the ways we experience it. We think visually, we think in sound, in movment or in abstract terms.
We must began to thing different and also have in mind the multiple types of intelligence.

lunes, 8 de junio de 2009

fav subject

My favourite subjet of this semester is cine. It’s very interesting and I enjoy watching movies and instead of just pass by the details, I can have the tools to analyze them.
The teacher that give us the classes is Miguel Ángel Vidaurre , he’s a cool teacher and you can notice that he loves what he does. I like the fact that he’s also a filmmaker, instead of just had a “theory way” of thinking.
The central topic of the classes is based on a specific process of doing movies, something that he’s investigating and developing right now, called the “ominous thing” or sinister. One very clear example to clarify this term are the David Lynch’s movies.
Already you know that its not the traditional way of embrace movies. Mostly of people like mainstream cinema because it’s based on the argument and the plot, not in the image (the image in the developing of movies in the case of this subject is the most important). So, the ominous things it can be translate into the game of the elements that aren’t necessarily compelled to the argument. The mainly thing is to can play with stuff like the sound and colours in order to create an strange environment, that instead of produce and repose mood (like most of the mainstream cinema do, because the argument had explications to the mysteries, in the sinister opposite of it, the mysteries remains ) the give the spectators nerves, because the story its cant be closed at all.

lunes, 1 de junio de 2009

Best friend

My best friend is Javiera, she was my schoolmate many years ago. We have known each other since we were fourteen years old. She’s very pretty, she has a soft look – in contrast with her punk rock attitude je. I think that is what a love and admire about her. She’s so honest, smart and consequence. She always will tell me what she really thinks and also is capable of listening me complaining about everthing in a very good and understanding mood. I can always count on her to be honest and to give me the best advice and even when our lives get busy we still make time to see each other.
As someone said ( very wisely) on Orson’s farm :

Friends are there,
To help you get started,
To give you a push on your way!
Friends are there,
To turn you around,
Get your feet on the ground for a BRAND NEW DAY!
To pick you up when you're down! BOOM! BOOM!
To help you swallow your pride,
When somethin' inside's
Gotta break on through to the OTHER SIIIIIIDE!
Friends are someone you can open up to,
When ya feel like you're ready to FLIP!
When you've got....the world on your shoulders,
Friends are there to GIVE YOU A TIP!
Friends are there when you need them,
They're even there when you don't,
For a walk in the park,
Or a shot in the dark,
Friends are there....
"I don't care"....
But friends will care....for yooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

So, javiera and diamonds are my best friends EVER.

viernes, 15 de mayo de 2009


i don't have a favourite website, but i often use for example, youtube - because it brings me tons of material of any kind - musical, movies, documentary, even hometapes. Yesterday i was looking for jeff buckley videos and i found that a lot of my favourites ones were removed because some awful law of private contains maybe. Whatever, i dicovered a new video of him, it was like a secret file ( dooh) it appears him in jamming session with some friends on a park ( well, i must say that he was a young and brilliant musician that died very young, he drown on a missisippi lake . Because of that is so nice to see " new stuff" from him .
It's great to can achieve so easily any type of visual information. I remember that many years ago, when i don't used internet, and youtube wasn't even created, i especially loved ( and still) a band named soundgarden and other called nick cave and the bad seeds / i was obssesed with both! o.o i want to see all of them, but it was more difficult to get things, so i send - faxs - to tv musical programs with different names and they put my videos requests ( ohh, i had some much free time - it was lovely ja)- then, i recorded them in a old creepy tape that nowadays is more than lost. :D

lunes, 4 de mayo de 2009


i'm not actually a fan of technology. I almost don't use cellphone, and really i'm kind of lost when i need to fix some type of technology, as muy computer.I'm not into that but however, i use it, and it works for me. I can't be out of this advances, because nowadys we are almost obligued to use them. What i need a lot is the internet and in second place, my pendrive ( so i can listen music while i walk or when i'm in the bus - - instances of waiting in general - -its nice to be in outer space while im in crowd places)
with the help that internet brings me i do my works for the college, i also search any kind of information ( from the name of a painting to the name of an particulary insect ). So it would be a little bit tragic to have lots of time without it, because im so use to have that easy way of get things. ( i constantly download tons of music, books, movies)/ in that case i would have to return to the ancient ages.
humm, i almost forget, i love photographic cameras - my desire object today is to have a lomo one ( its sort of vintage, and its so popular over the " special" people haha, but i always have like the effect that it brings)
Beatriz just said that technology in this case isn't means to be just the most refined and complex objects( digital), but it can be just, for example, a pencil. Well, that opens my perspective of it. o.o

lunes, 27 de abril de 2009


First of all i don't know exactly why i'm studying this career ( Theory and History of art). I think at first i liked the name, the title of it, so this is kind of hard to do. I enjoy reading and looking at different art expresions, unfold them colors, forms, subterranean ideas and thoughts.
A professional in this area maybe is supposes to know perfectly the abecedary, also needs to have a hole in the middle of the crane, where ideas can flow freely .
My favorite subjects are because of the teachers, I like all sergio rojas classes! (i'm such a - calcetinera - of him ). This year ( my second one) i have a few favourites ones, as Cine with Miguel Ángel Vidaurre and sociology of art with an argentinian teacher, Federico Galende ( i love his poetical way of translate ideas). If i finish the career, i would love to travel and maybe work on " curatorias" and researching.
This is an career that require people that can find original ways to achieve works to do, because of the reduced laboral field, but i think it's worth it :)

Pd: the pic is a little nonesense,a selfportrait of my platonic and egomaniac painter love, Gustave Courbet.

domingo, 26 de abril de 2009


This past summer (on feb) i stayed for about a week in this awful and lovely place called Laguna (next to maintencillo, but we can’t afford that, poor people!)

I went with some friends. Well, they loveee to do long distance walks, so I have the chance to meet whole new places. I had to climb rocks and play grandma’s games on the sand.

I stayed in a little wooden house, as “Little House on the Prairie”, but without hot water, furniture or beds. Those days I liked riding a bicycle near the beach, in the morning.

It was a big deal, because I was so lazy that week! It was also beautiful and tranquil to stare at the night’ sky as a little child, with my body on the ground.

i want to come back ! ^^

domingo, 19 de abril de 2009


Im Marlies ( AKA Marlis) & . .

i want to go to Dublin and pay my drinks doing some boxing .
and i also want to go to East Europe and live in a farm, among pigs, cows and ducks. In the afternoons i will cultivate potatos and drink coffe 'till i die, dreaming about polka dancing .

Also i'm a 20 years old ( too old) . .
i'm in the second year at college. / so in this way i can be clever and publish a bestseller book about selfhelp.

village greetings cards for everyone ;D