viernes, 15 de mayo de 2009


i don't have a favourite website, but i often use for example, youtube - because it brings me tons of material of any kind - musical, movies, documentary, even hometapes. Yesterday i was looking for jeff buckley videos and i found that a lot of my favourites ones were removed because some awful law of private contains maybe. Whatever, i dicovered a new video of him, it was like a secret file ( dooh) it appears him in jamming session with some friends on a park ( well, i must say that he was a young and brilliant musician that died very young, he drown on a missisippi lake . Because of that is so nice to see " new stuff" from him .
It's great to can achieve so easily any type of visual information. I remember that many years ago, when i don't used internet, and youtube wasn't even created, i especially loved ( and still) a band named soundgarden and other called nick cave and the bad seeds / i was obssesed with both! o.o i want to see all of them, but it was more difficult to get things, so i send - faxs - to tv musical programs with different names and they put my videos requests ( ohh, i had some much free time - it was lovely ja)- then, i recorded them in a old creepy tape that nowadays is more than lost. :D

lunes, 4 de mayo de 2009


i'm not actually a fan of technology. I almost don't use cellphone, and really i'm kind of lost when i need to fix some type of technology, as muy computer.I'm not into that but however, i use it, and it works for me. I can't be out of this advances, because nowadys we are almost obligued to use them. What i need a lot is the internet and in second place, my pendrive ( so i can listen music while i walk or when i'm in the bus - - instances of waiting in general - -its nice to be in outer space while im in crowd places)
with the help that internet brings me i do my works for the college, i also search any kind of information ( from the name of a painting to the name of an particulary insect ). So it would be a little bit tragic to have lots of time without it, because im so use to have that easy way of get things. ( i constantly download tons of music, books, movies)/ in that case i would have to return to the ancient ages.
humm, i almost forget, i love photographic cameras - my desire object today is to have a lomo one ( its sort of vintage, and its so popular over the " special" people haha, but i always have like the effect that it brings)
Beatriz just said that technology in this case isn't means to be just the most refined and complex objects( digital), but it can be just, for example, a pencil. Well, that opens my perspective of it. o.o