jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2009

art technology and education

My discipline is art history, so it can be related to technology in various ways. The first point its connected with the transformations that the digital supports brings to the creation of art. This is a big subject but in a general suposition this plataform create a special enviroment for the diffusion of the plastic artists, because they can reach a large amount of public. Also the technology touch the ways of think and create arts itself , because join new elements or materials into the whole spectrum of creation mechanism. The problem emerge from the question of how the art history can embrace the explotion that this fresh technology has brings into the art field. This question is still developing along the digital world .
In other hand, art in social matters is a more old topic, because art has always been involved ( in one way or another) with the human being and his surrounding or social enviroments. That social statement in arts holds a link with education.
Education in our country is a big deal with multiple edges ( is related with things like the social dispair, the lack of chances, the poor treat to the teachers, etc) . But in case of art teaching in schools, there's is a big emptyness( i think even in high pay schools). In some sense because art has been historically despised or rejected because it dont enter in the game of production and money. That makes this subject less relevant for the system education. This obviously should start to change in order to create in kids (since they are little) a sensitivy for plastic forms. This is in the same label as maths or language i think, because it can improve a lot of capacities that the actual system is crushing for follow an structure that as i said before, is married with the money production formula.
This change must take some inicial steps, that as usual are the harder ( i don't know exactly how this can begin). But with little changes as more hours, more prepared teachers in the area ( this is very important because people need teachers who leads them to improve themselves and create a right feeling that would make them want to always learn more)