lunes, 22 de junio de 2009

This is my last post on the blog! And what’s all about? It’s about the most passionate, wonderful, exciting, overflowing, happy, sublime, attractive, cosmic, metaphysician surreal and powerful subject in all over the world . . . It’s about blogging itself!
Since a discovered this mechanism of writing my life had changed for good!
My mind is clear. Both spirit and body are in perfect synchrony with nature an universe.
I don’t feel like an outsider anymore. I’ts been such a turn of the switch. I surprise myself dreaming of the blogging experience.
Oh, now I’m listening velvet underground - pale blue eyes. Aww! , this song reminds me of someone who’s far away – it goes like this. . Sometimes I feel so happy
sometimes I feel so sad
sometimes I feel so happy
but mostly you just make me mad
Baby you just make me mad
Linger on, your pale blue eyeeees

And somehow it reminds me of the whole blogging process too / because, although it has been beautiful (who can dares to deny that?!), there’s had been difficult parts. . A paradoxical love/hate thing (it’s very common, isn’t?).
I’ve learned too much from this. Even the fact that i know that achieve the correct way of writing on english was the main goal I (how it says in other great and lovely velvet underground song) - - > Hey Im beginning to see the light.
I met myself in a dream
and I just wanna tell you - everything was alright
Im beginning to see the light. !

I like to read the things that my other classmates write, but I must say that I especially enjoy reading to Jaime’s blog (or Unjaime, because he’s such a unique person!). He always will have to touch of GOD in terms of speaking and obviously writing. He’s also an amazing illustrator (it’s possible that some people might be surprised by this/ they could not be informed yet of this activity of him – you can see that he’s so humble!)
So because of this and the other stuff that I had mentioned - ->
Im very grateful of the omnipresent BLOG.

Thank you :DD

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  1. i like the way you i'm going to visit jaime's blog

  2. That's beautiful Marlies I hate you for write been so creative

  3. why my blog? xD And what am i ilustring? i don't understand jaja