viernes, 12 de junio de 2009

i found the talk very interesting and encouraging because i share some of the points that Sir Ken Robison tells to the audience. He seems like a creativity expert that unfould the way we educate in our schools.
the formal education is focused on topics( for example, we shoul treat with the same status the classes of math and the classes of art) that make a distance between us and our potential creativity, because we are too afraid of made a mistake, but . . .the worst mistake anyone can make is being to afraid to make one! ( that goes for me huh)
So he propuses a new way of learning in the school system, in order to find a more effective estructure to cultivate creativity thoughts instead of pull them off.
Ken robinson says that we don’t grow into creativity, we grow out of it, or rather we get educated out of it.
The intelligence is very diverse and dynamic, 'cause we think about the world in all the ways we experience it. We think visually, we think in sound, in movment or in abstract terms.
We must began to thing different and also have in mind the multiple types of intelligence.

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