jueves, 24 de septiembre de 2009


Foreing people could visit a lot of differents places in Santiago . An interesting place to go when you are for the first time in Santiago is the area around the bellas artes museum, because it have nice parks and places to hang out. There are lovely coffe shops and restaurants. A few days ago i went with a friend to an ice cream store called Emporio la Rosa, in a quiet and soft enviroment. Besides that, there are the typical historical places or buildings that a foreign person could be interested to know( as La Moneda ). I notice that people always suggets that El cerro Santa Lucía is something that a foreign should visit. It's a nice place but i would like that the government and the citizenship could appreciate more those sites because of them huge historical and cultural value. Some places are just falling apart because of the abandon an lack of compromise to restore, to preserve and protect them. Another area that i like very much, but some people could find it extremely annoying is to visit El Cementerio General. The mainly reason of this is because of the strongly historical component. There's also a lot of meanings and lectures behind a place like that and it makes it beautiful.
The other very typical site to go with a foreing is some "guachaca" bar like "La piojera", were the guy or girl always can leave the place with a wide smile thanks to the magic potions gave there, even if he-she dont like the past city tour and felt out of place :S

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  1. Hallo!!

    I like so much Santa lucía hill! But I don't go so much there :(
    I have to go to eat icecream on Emporio la Rosa! jaj
    see u! (=

  2. hey Marlies!!! Why don't you take me to LA PIOJERA maybe there we will find...........you know what!!!!!!!!!! (private joke)

  3. Jaime is very posh, hey?
    I also like the view of Cementerio General. There is a lot of charachter in there.